Shinedoe - Shadow Boxing EP

Catno: INTACDIG060
Publish date: Monday 17 Oct 2016

Shadow Boxing EP

Intacto Records' co-owner SHINEDOE is back for our 60th digital strike! After the success of Shinedoes latest release Road 777 EP and the remixes series on Intacto Records, she now has prepared 3 fresh techno tracks wrapped up in Shadow Boxing EP.The African inspired rhythm of Shadow Boxing boists right in your face. A real dancefloor slammer! Rubber Band propelles you on a trip of hypnotic grooves. Like a rubber band can store an enourmous amount of energy just by pulling it and letting it go, it swings!! Unseen with its impenetrable layers of synths has a flow that is deep Techno!

Track Listing

1. Shadow Boxing

2. Rubber Band

3. Unseen

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